Australia 2012

I expect to post Gail’s daily journal entries here more or less regularly, but as of now I’m too tired to start on the last several days of those. Hope to keep within a day or two of her writing, plus add some more of my own.

Having been in Australia again for five days now, for the first time in 3.5 years, here are random thoughts.

In 2008, it was relatively inexpensive here, as it only cost 60 cents US to buy an Aussie dollar. Now it costs 1.05. Nothing is cheap. We had some snacks in the airport today before catching the plane. Pastries and coffee/tea/soda for four was $40.50. Each had a muffin or roll and one drink. I had a large Earl Gray tea for $5.90. Things are always more expensive in the airport, but this was crazy. Today an order two tacos in a food court (admittedly in the CBD) was 8.90. They were very good tacos, I’ll admit.

Language continues to be fun. On the plane we were reminded to do up our seat belts, and to keep them done up when we were in our seats. Of course we have good humour and lots of colourful things to see. G’Day, Mate, and so on continue to be common. McDonald’s is Maccas. Not only as a slang term, but as a copyrighted term for it in adverts (not commercials) on the telly screen.

You have to learn new store names. Besides Maccas, you get a Whopper at Hungry Jack. Woolworths is one of the big supermarket chains. So is Coles. IGA doesn’t seem common in the USA any more, but they have smaller markets here in Oz.

We of course have to be very careful when crossing streets, since we’re used to looking to the right to see if a car is coming, but they’re coming from the left.

More random thoughts another time.


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