10 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

We are here! Overnight flight was not as bad as anticipated. We both actually slept 5 or 6 hours and woke to breakfast of cheese omelet and fresh fruit. I had coffee, Dan had tea. We were a bit early into Auckland but had to wait for a gate. Still had over an hour to get through security (again) and get to the gate. Flight to Adelaide was much smaller plane (Airbus 320 instead of 777-300). We got another small breakfast and later a small ham and cheese sandwich – this is not your el cheapo US run airline. We arrived in Adelaide a bit early and after clearing customs – including drug sniffing dogs – Cricket and Phil were waiting for us with big hugs – including one for Dan by proxy from Cinda. Later, Cricket took a picture of us at the beach on her phone and uploaded so Cinda would know we had made it. Later answered “Yay” to know that we are here. Day was in the 60s and sunny, we walked along Henley Beach and did some people watching while enjoying some iced tea. It was fun to visit with Cricket and Phil ‘in person’ Then we took a drive through a good bit of Adelaide’s CBD and along the 6K route that Cricket walked in competition last year. We were all hungry by now, so stopped at Villi’s Café and Bakery for meat pies and lamingtons – two local favorites. We then drove out to Elizabeth South where they live and checked into a room over the Rose and Crown, a local pub. A very good, basic, motel room – above the pub – very nice folks. And after we solved the problem with a shower head gone wild, we were content with the room. Did arrange to store passports and cash in the hotel’s safe, as there was not one in the room. Refreshed and in clean clothes around 415 Cricket and Phil picked us up and we drove quite aways to the Brighton Beach area to a buffet place they like. Ate way too much, especially the desserts. After dinner we drove up to ‘Windy Point’ overlooking the city. Sun was just setting. Back to their place (shared with at least 15 cats) for quick FB status post. Now ready to crash.


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