11 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

We slept like the dead, and woke at around 700. Bar downstairs was quiet after 1000. We watched some local travel shows, then Cricket showed up about 830 to walk with us the 2 blocks to their house. We left for church about 915. Dan and I had been looking forward to our visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral in central Adelaide. We were not disappointed. The weather was glorious, the service was awesome and everyone was very friendly. After the service we shared some tea and bikkies and then we were fortunate to have Father Bill, Cricket’s confirmation mentor, conduct a tour of the Cathedral. It turned out to be just the three of us – he was incredibly knowledgeable about all the history and architecture – very much enjoyed the tour. We headed back to Elizabeth South and stopped at a Woolworths (grocery) to pick up a few things. We picked up a snack who were selling grilled sausages and sodas in front of the store – for a fund raiser. We also bought some water and juice to take back to our room. Cricket went into the bakery with me to advise me. Bought two hot cross buns, four scones and an almond custard tart.

They dropped us off about 230 for a bit of a rest and we drank juice and I ate my tart. About 4 we put on some comfier clothes and walked to their place, along with our electronic gadgets. While waiting for the leg of lamb tea that Phil made for us, we caught up on email and FB posts. Dan uploaded some photos and I charged my iPad. We enjoyed some programs that Cricket had recorded for us. Phil’s lamb was served with peas, roasted carrots and potatoes and home-made mint sauce. Phil was a cook in the Army. We enjoyed the meal but were soon fading – jet lag catching up with us. They ran us back here. We are waiting for some fresh towels – bedtime soon!


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