12 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another busy day – a bit warmer, but certainly bearable. We took our jumpers (sweaters) with us, but didn’t come close to needing them! We got up, made tea and scones for brekkie, then walked over to Cricket and Phil’s about 930. Soon we headed out of town toward the wine country – the Barossa Valley, about 50 miles NE of Adelaide. It was a lovely drive – we had a stretch break to see a vista out over the valley. The whole area reminded us of many areas of California. We stopped at 2 or 3 wineries to see their interesting architecture. Our main destination was Maggie Beer’s farm and restaurant. It is a well known ‘natural foods’ operation – they make all of their own stuff – lots of jams and chutneys and pates and whole grain breads and olives, etc. The tasting rooms are laid out overlooking a beautiful small lake with many turtles and a variety of birdlife. There is a path around the lake; we strolled it after lunch. We did some tasting, then ordered picnic baskets to share. Dan had a spritzer, I had an iced coffee – which surprisingly arrived topped with a scoop of ice cream – a coffee float – it was good. I also had a fruit tart – very good. Place was pretty crowded as it is a local holiday – Adelaide Cup Day. So we decided not to stay to watch the owner perform her daily cooking demonstration. But it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We headed back into town. We went to dinner over to mates of Cricket and Phil’s – Jane and John. At the beginning there was a bit of drama when a lady came by that Cricket has had major conflicts with – but that dealt with (by Cricket, then Phil, then me, just slipping out of the kitchen and going out to the patio). Phil fired up the grill and fixed some fantastic barramundi – an Australian specialty. It was fantastic, accompanied by salads and great conversation. We really liked Jane and John. Back to Cricket and Phil’s for an hour or so to check some email and Dan posted a couple of photos on FB. Back here – I realized I left my iPad – Dan walked over to retrieve it, but they weren’t home. Not worried. Bed soon!


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