13 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Last day in Adelaide – reserved for tying up loose ends. Dan went out to get some water and munchies about 800 – found out that Cricket and Phil had brought back my iPad last night and it was in the hotel safe – all is well. They picked us up at 1000 and we went to the Elizabeth Mall – Dan mailed an envelope to Catherine at Grace, we bought a new suitcase to replace the small one that got trashed, we had some lattes (except Dan, still in Lent), I bought a couple new journals, we looked for tshirt and hat that Dan wanted but didn’t find. We decided to grab some lunch at the food court. Then we went back to their house for a while to quickly check on email, bank balances, and FB. At 100 we headed downtown to meet with the lady who manages the local Ronald McDonald House for a tour of their facility – the original part and also some background on the new facility across the street that was just opened a year ago. Cricket had taken pictures of the whole project, some of which are hanging in the halls there. Phil had been involved in helping manage the project. They are justifiably proud. Cricket’s daughter had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 12, so she had experienced first hand their great work.

Then we went down into downtown Adelaide proper so Dan could get his tshirt, hat, and postcards. Interesting to see the activity in the heart of the city. My foot was hurting, so I was glad to get back in the car. Back to their house for a while until time to go to a local sports club for dinner at 600. HUGE slabs of schnitzel – wonderful but filling – could not finish. After dinner, I had them drop me back here at the hotel so I could repack because of the new suitcase. I retrieved our passports and cash from hotel safe and rearranged our bags and put Rx drugs into Dan’s backpack as we will have to check the new bag – it can not be a carry-on on this domestic flight. We will sort out the bags in Sydney. Dan went back to Cricket and Phil’s for a while – I told him he has a midnight curfew! There is a typhoon warning for Darwin for tomorrow – but we won’t be there for over a week – so hopefully won’t affect us. Off to Sydney tomorrow.


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