14 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Moving on to Sydney. We woke before 700 and got showered and watched morning TV news and weather –keeping an eye on the situation in Darwin – not really worried since we won’t be there for 11 days. I finished the packing up and Dan went to post some stuff back to us at home and get some cash from the ATM. Cricket and Phil came at 1000. We loaded all our bags into the boot of their car and off we went towards the airport. Traffic not a problem – Adelaide very spread out. Phil told Dan he had driven over 300 miles while we had been there. Of course we had filled the car up with petrol a couple of times for them. Crowd at airport appeared daunting at first – car park full, although Phil able to get in and close with his handicap tag. Long line at security, but went very fast. We didn’t have to take our shoes off or do any body scans. I did get selected at random to have my bag and hands wiped to check for explosives! Most surprising was the fact that Cricket and Phil were allowed to go through security and clear to the gate with us. We had no problem checking our four bags at the JetStar counter. Once through security we visited the loo where Dan took a picture of a sign telling him not to drink the water from the toilet! We stopped and all had a pastry and a hot drink. Then on to the gate. Before we boarded Dan walked them back to security and thanked them again for their hospitality. Quick easy flight to Sydney. Nothing free, not even water, but for 1 ½ hour flight, no need anyway. Got our bags and joined very efficient taxi queue. Cab ride was $50, not too bad and within ½ hour we were all checked in at the Westin Sydney. This is a very beautiful property in the heart of CBD and we opted for free internet instead of a few more StarPoints. We walked a couple blocks to the Pitt Street Mall and found their food court – thanks to the bellman – where we had some tacos, gelato and got some bottles of water ($7.00 each in the room!) and some yogurt and muffins to eat later and for brekkie! Dan just took a shower in huge walk-in with rain shower head and before long I think we will be zonked out in our Heavenly Bed. Not worrying about sorting out bags until we get on the ship. I already checked FB and email – now for a crossword puzzle. Think we are going to play bridge tomorrow.


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