15 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

First full day in Sydney. We slept like logs in our fantastic Heavenly Bed. Got up and I ate yogurt with passion fruit and muffin that I bought last night. Interesting fact – in Oz you can buy take-away but you can’t get a to-go box if you order and eat a meal. Anyway, we left a little before 900 and walked to the food court to Macca’s (McDonalds). I had some coffee and Dan had some juice and an egg mcmuffin ($6.75, more than double the cost at home!). Then we walked about a mile to the Sydney Duplicate Bridge Club [actually the New South Wales Bridge Association]. It is on the 2nd floor (they call it the 1st floor) of an older building on a semi-busy side street. The cost for us to play was $13 each. We played North/South and Dan got to play with a different type of scoring machine. There were eleven tables playing, but tables and room for three times that number. The boards were pre-dealt. They have a dealing machine – there were stacks of 200-300 pre-made boards on a side table. We were able to pock up hand records on our way out. They do have bidding boxes, but they weren’t used in our game. Bids were written on bidding slips. We had one top, one bottom and overall got 50.8% game. We ended up 6th out of 11, square in the middle. People were very friendly and we really had a good time. After the game we headed back toward our hotel – went by the new Wyndham/Worldmark Resort hotel – we were just reading about it. We also went by and Dan took pictures of a Sydney Fire Station and several engines. We stopped at a little café for lunch – Dan had spring rolls and pasta carbonara and I had calamari and sticky date pudding. Still heading back we took a 20 minute ride on the monorail that loops out over Darling Harbor and around. A quick stop to pick up some muffins and we got back to the room about 430. I was totally beat. Took some Advil and then soaked in a hot bath – may be my last chance for months! About 700 Dan went back out and picked up some grilled fish to take-away and some more bottles of water for the fridge. I think I will give up and hit the sack early. Sky Tower on the agenda for tomorrow.


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