17 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Sail Away Day

Didn’t sleep well last night – I think the Heavenly Bed finally caught up with my back – very sore. And my tummy a bit funky – probably from the sushi last night. And it was raining out – not an auspicious start to the day. About 930 we decided to walk to the food court 1 ½ blocks away. An Egg McMuffin and coffee definitely settled my tummy a bit from the pain pills I took. Then in a while the pain pills kicked in and I started feeling better. We got a couple of muffins to go for later and headed back to the room. We were watching an old movie and gradually getting our shit together – and doing last minute emails and FB postings. About noon Dan went back out to get some lunch for himself and got a tshirt with the gift cared he won yesterday. Rain pretty much stopped – just cloudy the rest of the day – damp but not actively raining. I was following the NCAA tournament on my iPad, but we had to leave before the Kansas game was ove – still did not hear if they won or not. Check out, cab ride and check in all were quick and easy and before 300 we were in our cabin on the ship. Somehow it seems roomier than I remembered. We bought coffee mugs / gourmet coffee and cocoa package as we got on board – now we just have to be sure to hang on to them.

We had a quick lunch at the buffet. Dan went to see about internet access and explore the ship. We are in 7009, almost all the way to the fore of the ship, starboard side (POSH, you know). I got busy getting settled. Dan came back and helped when luggage arrived. We actually managed to get everything put away and hopefully find it again. Muster drill at 515 was much more formal and thorough than ever before – and people seemed to be paying more attention. We decided not to do the dining room tonight because sailaway was at 700. About 630 we went to the buffet and had some supper and then went up top to watch the sailaway from decks 10 and 11. It was a bit cool and windy, but spectacular. We clearly saw the lights of Luna Park, an amusement park near the bridge that we saw in an old movie recently. We waved to people on the bridge – way up on top. The ship sounded its horn as we went under. Sea got choppy quickly and we were rockin and rollin by the time Dan came back to the cabin about 930. Should sleep well tonight.


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