8 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Finished the last of the laundry and house stuff about half hour ahead of the shuttle. They picked us up right on time, a little after noon. We are on our way!!! Shuttle was packed full. Got our bags checked through all the way to Adelaide. Vegas security was totally slammed – couldn’t believe it. But it only took about 20 minutes. Had a little lunch at Baja Fresh (and Starbucks for me) and then found an outlet to recharge and do some last minute emails. Flight to LAX was short and sweet – but had to wait for a gate – then found our way to the International Terminal via an airport shuttle that we thought would never come – but we made it. Then to the Air New Zealand counter for boarding passes – first gotcha of the trip. We realized that American Airlines had not given us baggage check tickets for our 3 bags and Air New Zealand said they needed to have them to prove we checked them – said they would show us with no checked bags. We got our boarding passes, then went off a ways and Dan called American Customer Services for baggage claims. Thank goodnewss they were able to track down the bags, verify they were checked through to Adelaide, and give us the numbers. So we went back to the Air New Zealand counter and they put the numbers in their system – so first crises overcome. We got through security for a second time and got to a Burger King for a quick snack. Boarding in an hour.

Chatted with some Brits heading back to London before boarding. Finally got on the plane (a 777-300) and got settled. Very nice!! Though not much leg room. TVs in every seat with lots of free movies – think I will watch The Descendants after dinner – then take a sleeping pill and hope to sleep away at least part of the 13 hours. Here comes dinner – Paprika beef, rice, salad, and a little carmel sundae. Haagen Dasz ice cream carton for everyone. Time to eat.

We lost March 9 crossing the international date line.


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