18 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Slept great with the ocean movement. We woke up just 5 minutes before they brought our room service at 700. I prefer it to the buffet for breakfast. Dan ordered tea and then showered and took his Mac upstairs to eat bacon and other goodies. He has also been typing in my journal to post – think he caught that up just a while ago after dinner. At 930 we went to the bridge lesson – teacher/director is Martin Finver – a world renowned bridge player out of NY who has directed over 100 cruises. His class was very good, although only about 15 people came. The game was at 215 and there were only 3 tables. Not a lot of points to be won on this cruise. But we had fun and learned a couple of tips. And met some cool people. One man is a retired architect from Adelaide. We sat with them at high tea after bridge and he was very interesting to talk to – he had worked on historic structures in many parts of the world. We told him about Cinda and he talked knowledgeably about Sullivan and Wright and the Chicago area architecture in general. Between bridge lesson and the game we had a little lunch at the buffet and visited with some folks from Edmonton, Alberta.

After we came back to relax for about ½ hour before getting dressed up for the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party and then on to dinner. Dan looked very nice in his new tux – although he decided to forget the suspenders and cummerbund. At the cocktail party there was a little boy about 3 out dancing on the dance floor – only kid on this ship we’ve seen. Turns out he’s the Captain’s son, so I guess we have to put up with him. Then we went in to dinner – we are at a table for 10 – the others all know each other. The couple we sat next to at our end were, believe it or not, another retired architect and his wife, a retired real estate agent. They were very interesting, were from the Sacramento area, but have obviously done lots of traveling, as have most of the people on the ship. Dinner was leisurely and very good. Some people have complained about the food – but we thought it was fine. We certainly are not starving! We may have trouble fitting into our clothes before we get home. Plan to go up to the spa in the morning and weigh – see how much damage already done and have a baseline for rest of the trip. We set our clocks back on


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