19 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Woke up early because of the time change – but slept good. Breakfast delivered at 700. Ran up to the gym to weigh myself but got a reprieve since they said it would not give true reading while we are at sea. So, will wait until tomorrow in port. Dan went to buffet for his breakfast and I met him at the bridge lecture. Good lesson. Guy is not real personable, but is good teacher. After lesson we decided to get in the pool, which was cool, but refreshing, and then got out and read for a while in the shade. While there, the Captain came on loud speaker and said due to rough swells and being within the Barrier Reef, he has slowed the ship and we will probably be late getting to Shute Harbor (Airlie Beach) tomorrow. The seas never did seem to be really rough, but of course we are glad they are being careful – and after recent cruise incidents I did not hear anyone complaining! Although I am sure there were some disappointed folks when later in the afternoon he came on and said conditions not improving and the shore excursions involving small boats have been cancelled. I was not really disappointed, since I had some misgivings about spending all day at an island resort and it will save us over $300! Since it is a tender port and we will only be there at most 5 hours, we may or may not even get off the ship. Probably will depend on the weather. We had some lunch and then watched the end of the Kansas/Purdue game – KU pulled it out in the last 25 seconds. Bridge again 3 tables and again we came in 1st. I went and had tea and scones after. We decided we weren’t ready to go to the dining room at 600 for dinner – probably will tomorrow night We watched “Midnight in Paris” in our room and then went up to the Bistro and had a lovely dinner by candlelight and then sat on the stern deck and Dan typed on his Mac and I worked on puzzles. Dan posted a few pictures today. I am finally getting into my book, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so will read for a while.


2 thoughts on “19 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

  1. Gail, can you please explain what “tenders” are? What do they do? What does that mean?

    I loved the whole trilogy of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the 2 after that.

  2. Tenders are the little boats (well, they hold maybe 60 people) that take you from ship to a dock when you can’t actually dock at land. That happens sometimes in small ports where they can’t handle this size of ship, even though it is a small cruise ship. I’ll try to post a picture of one next time we need one. They are covered, and also in emergency are the lifeboats.

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