20 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Our first port of call, Airlie Beach, was a total washout – so to speak. We woke about 6 and it was raining and foggy outside. We were in the Whitsunday Channel and could see small islands here and there, but day was totally gray. We had breakfast and debated if we wanted to go into town or not. Tender service began at 900 and then you had to ride a shuttle bus from the dock at Shute Harbor into town. We were to sail at 200, so we had at most 3 or 4 hours in town. Ultimately we decided not to bother going and talked to those later who did, confirming that it wasn’t worth it. Dan spent the morning working on pictures – editing those he had downloaded. I went up on deck and watched the tenders for a bit – then went into the library and worked on a jigsaw puzzle – met a nice lady who is a travel agent in Stockton, CA. About 1230 we went to get some brunch we sat with a couple who turned out to be from Ivins! [a St. George suburb] Small world for sure. I had on my sweatshirt from the Huntsman Games. We did finally go up and weigh ourselves this morning. Yuk. Gotta cut down on the sweets or I won’t be able to wear any of my clothes by the time we get to London. At 2 we went up to play bridge. He had to really scrounge to get 3 tables for duplicate – lots of folks just want to play social bridge. He said there will be lots of duplicate players on the Singapore to Cape Town leg. We didn’t have a good day – came in 2nd, oh well. After bridge we went to the buffet and had a little snack – I had a couple of scones – found out I don’t have to go down to the formal ‘tea’ to get them. We went back to our cabin about 430 to hang out and read. We had decided not to go to the dining room, but watch the movie Australia and then go to the Bistro. Movie was good – fun to see it again. But I realized it was going to be late for me to want to go up to the Bistro – so we called and ordered room service. It was OK, but not worth the small service charge even – so most likely won’t do that again. Hopefully weather will be better in Cairns tomorrow.


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