21 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Fantastic day! Woke up and the sun was shining – sat on the balcony and watched the small boats in the harbor as we eased into Cairns. Had breakfast and at 900 went down to wait for our tour. Always hard to wait, but we finally got called and off we went to get on the bus. Couldn’t believe the weather – they have gotten over ten inches here in the last two days – Guide on the bus was very good as we headed up to the Kuranda Sky Rail (cable car). Glad we did the railroad last time we were here, since it was not operating due to flooding. Lines at the sky rail were not bad and the view of the rain forest and the bay were spectacular, as we remembered. We stopped and walked the nature trail at each of the two stops on the way up. The Barron Falls were truly spectacular after all the rain – not like the last time when we were here in the dry season. It took about an hour to get to the top, then we had time to get some post cards and look around. We got on the bus at noon and they just drove us about 3 blocks into Kuranda and gave us an hour to look around. We found a café, got some meat pies and wrote out some postcards to send to the grandkids. We wandered around and found the post office and mailed the cards. I got a tshirt with a crocodile on the front and Dan got a polo shirt with a kangaroo on it. We got back on the bus and had an hour drive down and around Carins, with informative background from the guide. At 200 the bus stopped on the Esplanade and some of us got off to explore a bit before getting back on the ship. After an hour or so I was really fading – really hot and humid. We got back and got cool and crashed. Dan suddenly said he was going back out. I knew what he was up to – sure enough he showed back up about 600 sporting a kangaroo tattoo on his chest – right over my name! meanwhile we also decided to change our tour in Darwin – the one we had picked we felt would be too much sun and heat. We didn’t go to the dining room – we didn’t sail away until 730, so we figured few people would be there anyway. On port days there is a dinner buffet, not the Bistro. Gotta love a venue where my dinner consists of 8 little lamb chops and espresso crème brulee. Just watched a silly movie – Crazy, Stupid Love. Now ready to read a book and bed. Dan gone out for little snack and maybe a few online minutes. Three sea days next.


2 thoughts on “21 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

  1. Why 8 lamb chops and creme brulee as the only option? They have no vegs or fruit? That is what everyone gets?

    About the tattoo, do you really mean “over my name” or do you mean above your name? Not that it really matters, was just trying to picture it.

  2. No, there were many options. That’s just what she wanted. My meal was somewhat more balanced.

    As to the ink, it is above her name, not blacking it out (like some guys do when they get divorced or whatever). Pic of the ink is on the Queensland picture page.

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