22 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

When I decided to keep a journal, Dan made the comment that there will probably be lots of days where I can just write sleep, eat, bridge, eat, read, eat, bridge, eat, and sleep. This in fact was one of those days. We are cruising 3 days from Cairns up to Darwin. Today was interesting as we hugged the coast – the reef comes very close to the mainland and we passed by many little islands. There is a Reef Pilot specialist on board who is guiding the ship and also making occasional commentary over the loud speakers about areas of interest.

Got up and had breakfast, met Dan up at the bridge lesson at 930. It is working out for me to have my cereal and coffee delivered by room service and Dan goes up to have his breakfast at the buffet and visit with folks and work on his compute. He is more social and that way he can have the eggs and bacon and smoked salmon that he prefers for breakfast. Anyway, after the bridge lesson, we went to the library for an hour or so where I worked on a jigsaw puzzle and Dan worked on his pictures. Around 1230 we went up and had some lunch. Bridge game was at 215, with the usual 3 tables of duplicate. He had 3 tables of social bridge also. We had a good day and again came in first – that’s 3 of 4 firsts for a whopping .45 masterpoints total so far. We are having fun – meeting some great people, good competition. After bridge we went down and had a snack and while there we filled out all the paperwork for us to land in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore! We also decided to try to change to late seating at dinner. We took paperwork and passports down to front desk – we are about to get into new territory for us! I’m excited. We ate in the bistro again around 700 and then came back to watch a movie. Will talk to Maitre’ D tomorrow about changing to late seating. Dan heading out, I’m heading to bed.


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