23 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another beautiful day at sea – overnight we went through the Torres Strait, the narrow passage at the far northern tip of Australia that is just 30 miles from Papua New Guinea, and filled with islands and reefs. We are now somewhere in the Arafura Sea, heading due west towards Darwin. We had our now familiar morning routine – my breakfast from room service and Dan upstairs in the buffet with his computer and chatting with folks. One of the couples that he chatted with this morning turned out to be “Friends of Bill W.” who also had not found anyone else on board to share with. They have meetings scheduled in the daily paper on board and they are supposed to be in the room where we play bridge, right after we wrap up our game. Anyway, the bottom line is they came up and met us there this afternoon and we had an AA meeting, just the four of us. They are an interesting pair from Sun City, AZ, about our age and they have been sober nearly 30 years – and are obviously still very active in the program. She is a property manager and he is a metaphysical minister. I guess Dan talked to him quite a while about what that meant exactly. Anyway, it was an interesting afternoon. Earlier we had our bridge lesson, then read in the library before going to one of the specialty restaurants to have an “English Pub Lunch” – prawns and chips and English trifle. We came in first in bridge – by half a match point! I got to bid and made two slams (in 15 hands). We had a little snack around 5 and then went out on deck by the pool in the shade and read for about an hour – it was nice – just comfy and breezy. Back in the cabin we watched a presentation for about an hour about the next port, Darwin. About 730 we decided just to go up to the Bistro again for dinner and not to the dining room. We are going to change to late seating – maybe tomorrow night. Back in our cabin and getting ready to watch late movie (1030) Margin Call with Kevin Spacey. We get back an hour of time again tonight, so hope I make it through the movie.


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