24 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another lazy day at sea. Woke early due to the time change. Dan went up to have breakfast and I waited for my room service and did a bit of housekeepoing. Took a shower and watched Must Love Dogs while doing a puzzle. Met Dan for bridge lesson at 930. This lesson was on percentages and Dan typed it into his computer as Martin was going over it on the flip chart. It was very interesting. A couple people asked if Martin had a handout of it. He didn’t, so Dan offered to email it to them. Then I was going to swim and Dan was going to walk around the track (can’t get his kangaroo wet yet). I put my suit on and went to the pool, but it was very hot and there were no chaises free in the shade. I decided to wait until later. I decided instead to throw in a load of laundry. Got the last free washer (there are only four). By the time laundry was done and folded it was time for lunch. Shared a table with some nice folks from Ontario, Canada. Bridge game was usual, 3 tables, and in spite of my feeling that we didn’t do well, we came in first again. After bridge we went down for scones and tea, then it was time to swim. It was much nicer on deck at 500 and much less crowded. The water felt great – it is a sea water pool. I haven’t gotten in the hot tub, but think it is fresh water. Dan did about 1 ½ miles on the track, then came to chat with a man I had been visiting with in the pool – another architect! This guy is an Israeli-American – he and his wife came to USA to go to school and ended up working in Connecticut for 37 years at a big firm that designs educational institutions. They are retired and now live in Scottsdale – very interesting folks. Dan talked to them for quite a while. I went down to get a shower. About 700 we decided to go to the Bistro for supper – they know us up there now – still haven’t gone back to the main dining room – we probably will. Think we will ask for a smaller table (10 is too big for my tastes) for the rest of the trip out of Singapore. Darwin tomorrow!


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