26 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another great day at sea. Had breakfast and watched an old movie and Dan went up to the buffet as usual. Met him at 930 for the bridge lesson. We are really enjoying these lessons – hope we can use some of it when we get home. After bridge lesson we went to the library to read for an hour or so. Then we went to the buffet for lunch and then up to our daily bridge game. The usual 3 tables of duplicate and we won by a pretty good margin. I think that makes 6 out of 7 games we’ve won – close to a whole master point! After bridge we came down to the cabin to watch from our balcony as they conducted drills for the crews with the water hoses on each side of the ship which would be used in the event of an attempted boarding by pirates or other ‘unwanted passengers’ (my words, not the Captain’s). He did explain on the loudspeaker that we wer entering Indonesian waters – and other areas ahead where we need to take precautions. We are not the least bit worried, but some folks seemed a bit freaked out. It was fun to watch the drill – and since our cabin is way forward – right behind the wing of the bridge, we were actually chatting with the Captain as he was standing there watching. He was already dressed in his tux pants and shirt (not the jacket and tie) in preparation for the Captain’s Circle reception at 515. We got dressed formally and went down about 530 – line was clear to the aft stairs. It took about 20 minutes – but it was worth it – we got our picture taken with the Captain – hope it turns out good. Party was crowded, so we just left and went up to the Bistro to eat. The Maitre ‘D was suitably impressed with Dan in his tux (and was wearing his own). During the dinner the Captain, wife, son (age 2) and nanny (hot blonde in slinky dress) came in to eat between his two parties (he had to do another one for the late dinner seating). They ate a ways back in the Bistro. Dan went back and asked if he could take their pictures – he graciously agreed. I really like this Captain. After dinner we went for a swim and hot tub. Gorgeous crescent moon – weather perfect. Great evening. Dan is going to watch J. Edgar and I’m rewatching Midnight in Paris, rental movies from iTunes we have to watch pretty soon. Two more to watch as well. Sea day tomorro


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