27 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another lazy day at sea. The sea was calm all day – we could see the large Indonesian island of Sumba off the starboard most of the day as we continued on towards Bali. I haven’t mentioned the loop of rope hanging from the bridge wing that Dan asked the Captain (last night when they were doing the water drill) if they could hitch it up since it is in many of Dan’s pictures. The Captain said sorry, they couldn’t, as that is the Man Overboard Buoy Light rope and it needs to be there. Good to know it si right outside our balcony! While I was eating breakfast I watched the movie J Edgar on Dan’s computer – I finished watching it after our bridge lesson at 930. It was very good. DiCaprio did a wonderful job.

Bridge class was good and after lunch the bridge game was also good – we won again. There was a bit of a revolt. Martin (the Director) has not been having us using bidding boxes – he claimed they make the game take longer. We didn’t see how with just 3 tables, but we were OK with bidding out loud. Suddenly in the middle of the game today on table went over and got 4 bidding boxes as they said it was too noisy and they had to have them (a couple of them are hard of hearing). We also got them and so did the third table. We are OK either way anyway, but we will be using them from now on I guess.

After bridge we went down and had tea and scones and then went back to the cabin to read. We went to the Bistro about 700 and it was so crowded we had to wait about ten minutes for a table – no big deal. The Maitre’ D Up there knows us now and is very solicitous. We chatted with some folks from Redding, CA – the lady had a Kansas State T shirt on and we were talking about Kansas making the final four. After dinner we went down to see the pictures of us with the Captain – not bad. They are going to start a file for us and we can put any we think we might want in there and decide right before we disembark in Dover. Back in our cabin getting ready to watch Bridesmaids! Dan hadn’t seen it. We are in Bali tomorrow – to ride the elephants.


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