29 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

A very relaxing day after the frantic day yesterday. Slept like a log. Dan said I didn’t budge when he came back to the cabin and went to bed. Had a leisurely breakfast, then up to the bridge lesson. After that we came back to the cabin and watched movies on our iPads. We had downloaded/rented some from iTunes before we left home and we had two we hadn’t seen and only had a few days left to watch them. So we each watched one in the morning and then switched and watched the other. We watched Hugo and Moneyball – both great films. So we just chugged along the Java Sea at about 17 knots northwest towards Vietnam.

Before I went up to join Dan for bridge lesson I watched a very interesting program on the Discovery Channel narrated by Martin Sheen about Vietnam. I didn’t know a lot about the history. I am looking forward to the tour to Hi Chi Minh City (Saigon). Anyway, after the first movie we had time to grab some lunch. Then to the bridge game. Not our best day – we were not in sync – came in second, weren’t even close. Oh well, we can’t win every day. [we have won 7 of 9 so far] Then, as I said, back to the cabin to watch the second movie. We watched a couple of small islands on the starboard side – we are not quite up to Borneo yet. Not sure we will be close enough to see it from the ship anyway.

At 700 we went up to the Bistro for dinner. It was pretty crowded. Dan talked to the Maitre ‘D in the dining room and hopefully out of Singapore we will go to the dining room once in a while. After dinner, Dan took his computer back upstairs to work on pictures. I was just getting ready to get in bed when there was an announcement for “Alpha Tango” team to go to the Deck 4 Galley. Then quickly after that they called for what I thought they said was “Search Team”. I thought someone overboard. But when Dan came back he said they said “Surgery Team” – apparently a cook fell in the galley and was seriously injured. Hope they were able to take care of him (her?). Another sea day tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “29 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

  1. Having never been on a cruise, I dont understand the issue about eating in the dining room. Dont you have the option to eat there every night? Or for all 3 meals?

  2. Yes, can eat there all three meals, but it is a “fancy restaurant” and takes a long time. We normally go to buffet for Breakfast and Lunch. We didn’t care for our seating at dinner and couldn’t change it, so have been mostly eating supper/dinner in the buffet, which becomes a Bistro restaurant in evenings of sea days. Very nice.

    • What is it about the seating at dinner that you dont like? Can you choose your own table to join? Or is it assigned? If assigned, is it that you dont care for the people? Just trying to understand what the avoidance is.

      • Gail really disliked the table for ten. We’ve asked for one of 4 or 6 on next leg of trip, and last one. Yes, assigned seating, and totally packed so can’t change. Most people want early supper, not late (6 or 815). Also weren’t particularly impressed with the people, as was clear the other 8 all knew each other for ages and we were the outsiders.

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