30 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another lazy sea day. Woke early due to time change – then just hung out and watched an interesting biography of Gavin McLeod while waiting for breakfast. He is, after all, the spokesperson for Princess Cruises. The last cruise we were on had endless reruns of The Love Boat episodes on one of the channels. Joined Dan for bridge lesson at 930, then read in the library until time for lunch. Just before our bridge game at 215 we watched the start of the silliness around the pool – the “Polliwog” ceremony for those who never crossed the equator by ship before – we had crossed it around noon. Pretty silly stuff involving costumes, “pomp and circumstance” music and whipped cream and various foods being flung around. Don’t remember it being so silly on other ship I was on. Anyway, on to bridge, and our worst day so far – we were last [out of three]  Oh well – some really neat people to play with and great competition.


After bridge we checked the Laundromat and it looked like one machine would soon be available. There are only four washers, so it gets dicey at times to get your laundry done. [Assuming you don’t want to pay for laundry service and aren’t Elite or in a suite]  Dan spent the next two hours doing two loads and reading and chatting in the laundromat. I went and had tea and scones and then ferried dry stuff to the room as it was available to be hung up. Very exciting day on the South China Sea. We went to dinner in the Bistro early – 600, which was nice. It wasn’t so crowded. During dinner the Captain came on the PA to tell us that there is a typhoon headed directly toward Ho Chi Minh City from the east. He had announced the possibility around noon, but now said it was dead on a path to Vietnam. Said he will decide in the morning but probably we will skip Vietnam, veer west and go right to Thailand. He told us to move heavy objects to the floor and be prepared for some possible rough seas. We are not particularly worried, though disappointed to skip a country we wanted to see. A few minutes later the Captain came through the Bistro and was chatting and explaining more to us. We told him we were glad he was watching out for our safety. So — the adventure continues.




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