31 March 2012, Gail’s trip log

The boat rocked some during the night, but not a lot – not like we had expected. As we thought, when we woke up and looked at the map on the TV, we appeared to be headed northwest away from Vietnam and more towards Thailand. This was confirmed by the Captain’s announcement at 900. He said he had obtained a berth and we will be overnight at Laem Chabang (gateway to Bangkok). There will be additional tours offered – like the night market and so on. After bridge lesson we went don to mail some postcards to the grandkids, and the place was jumping. A lot of people were making arrangements to get a hotel in Bangkok or a resort town nearer where we will be berthed. After having the traditional “pub lunch” of fish and chips and trifle at one of the specialty restaurants we decided to play east/west and came in first. Good game. Unfortunately Dan had been feeling puny all day, had used his inhaler and after bridge he decided to start some Levaquin that we are fortunate to have with us. We had a small snack after bridge and after watching a great travel show on TV decided to go to dinner early, around 630. Just before we left the cabin they delivered sheets showing some additional tour options. They have moved the tour we have booked to our first day in Thailand. They added overnight options with dinner, shows, market and hotel in Bangkok, plus additional things nearer the ship on the second day. Since Dan isn’t feeling great, and the one we are on the first day is ten hours, we just decided to stay on board on day two. So, tomorrow is a sea day, then a long day in Bangkok, then a day to relax. Then another stop in Thailand, Koh Samui, then one more sea day before Singapore – the end of the first leg of the cruise. Dan is watching a movie, Source Code, and I will get in bed


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