1 April 2012, Palm Sunday, Gail’s trip log

Dan woke up around 330 and for some reason we couldn’t get back to sleep. So we turned on the light and the TV for a while. About 430 Dan went up to the buffet (Continental breakfast from 4 to 6) and filled our coffee cups and got some muffins and a yogurt. Since US Eastern TV is about 10 hours behind us right now, the ESPN channel had the coverage of the Kentucky – Louisville game starting at 500. We watched the first half and then were sleepy and turned it off and slept until 800. That helped, although Dan is still feeling pretty ratty. He doubled up his Levaquin today to hopefully be halfway able to enjoy our very long tour to Bangkok tomorrow. When we turned the TV back on the Kansas – Ohio State game was on and KU was down 13. We got dressed, went to grab a little breakfast and went to our bridge lesson at 930. It was on Losing Trick Count and was very interesting. We will try to learn more about it. Dan chatted a while with Martin after the lesson and Martin (who knows he is a Director) asked him if he would ever be interested in working a cruise. Dan said yes but he thought he had to be a Life Master to do that.  He said that can be worked around. Anyway, who knows. Dan just said he would be interested. After the lesson we came back to the cabin for a rest and imaine our surprise to learn that that Kansas won. I don’t know if I can stand to watch or not on Monday (Tuesday AM here). We had some lunch, then on to our fun, but not so great, bridge game – we came in last again [out of three]. After a quick snack, we came back to rest, read and watch Anna and the King with Jodie Foster and Chow Yung Fat – perfect lead in to our tour of Thailand the next 2 days (not sure if we will get off ship on day 2 or not). Anyway, we enjoyed the movie. This afternoon while we were playing bridge we saw a bunch of small fishing boats and realized later while looking at the map that they had to have been Cambodian  – we were about 20 miles from the coast this afternoon. Anyway, I decided Dan needed to rest, so I called and ordered soup and sandwiches and flan from room service. Nice to be able to have free room service 24/7. To bed early. 


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