3 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

The ship was very deserted today. Most everyone took the free shuttle or tours to Pattaya – a nearby resort. But we were very glad to just have a day to recover. Since we were in port we went upstairs to weigh – Dan did pretty well, but yikes! I gained 4 more pounds. Gotta get serious about cutting back RSN – real soon now. Plan to, as soon as we leave Malaysia in 4 days, with just one port – the Maldives – before Mumbai. It will be easier. Anyway, Dan spent most of the day sleeping, which is just what he needed. I gathered up the laundry and threw a load in – figured it was a good day to do that. Tomorrow is an all day tour in Koh Samui and then the last sea day before Singapore. Most of the people on the ship – probably ¾ anyway, are getting off in Singapore – although we know a few who are staying on – some of our bridge companions and others. We hope to get a bunch more to play on the next leg of the trip. Dan had the cabin very warm, so after I did the laundr, I hung up the do not disturb sign and went to the library. I finished my book – now I want to see the movie – although know that sometimes the movie is totally different. Dan got up and came up with his iPad and magazines to the buffet about 4. We had a snack, then I went down to the tour desk to check on a couple of things and took some cash to front desk to be change into small bills. Most vendors will take US dollars, but you need to have small bills. Dan stayed upstairs until after the sail away at 6. (I came and watched the thrusters push off from our balcony as starboard side was long the pier). About 645 I went back where Dan was still sitting and reading. We had a little dinner – what, time to eat again? We are in cabin watching The Agony and the Ecstasy. To bed soon, busy day tomorrow.


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