5 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Last sea day on the first leg of our cruise. Kind of a lazy day. Dan kept coughing and didn’t sleep well – he finally got up and went up to the continental breakfast buffet to have some tea and a little something to eat – it is open at 4, although you can get coffee or tea any time. Ayway, he came back around 6 and slept for a couple hours until time to go up to our last bridge lesson on this leg. We have three straight days of touring ahead, so no bridge for a while. After the lesson we went and had a late breakfast. I went down and ordered a copy of the video – previewed some of it in the room this morning on the TV and there are a couple of brief shots of us in it. Picked it up after bridge game. They also included a DVD with screensaver shots of places all over the world. We went down and browsed at the ‘sidewalk sale’ outside the boutique and got 3 new tshirts – of places we’ll be going for $6 each. Then back to the cabin to rest for a while.

Around 115 we went up for a little bite before the bridge game. We thought we did pretty well, but came in second by a point. Oh well. I was still concerned about Dan and was trying to convince him to go see the doctor. But he finally convinced me that he is getting better, is taking his meds that we brought and if he went to the doctor they would most likely tell him to keep doing what he’s doing and then put him in quarantine for three days – which would mean we would miss the next three ports. There are a lot of people with a cough on board and we know a couple who are in quarantine. So I decided he is right – so told him I would trust him and quit fussing at him about it. He did seem to perk up when we had dinner. He said he will take a sleeping pill tonight so he can be ready for tour of Singapore tomorrow. Lots of suitcases lining the hallways tonight. We wend down and sorted out the information on tours for the next 3 days. We have to pick up our passports before tour in the morning. Watching Captain America. To bed very soon.


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