6 April 2012, Good Friday, Gail’s trip log

We have traveled 6086.3 miles since we left Sydney. We had a great day in Singapore. After some delay getting off the ship, we got on the bus and drove at least 20 minutes just to get out of the port. Port business is a huge part or the economy – very knowledgeable and personable (and understandable) guide said it is the second busiest port in the world. Anyway, first stop was on top of Mt. Taber – highest point in Singapore, 550 feet or so, from which you get a vista of the whole area. Just as we arrived we were welcomed by a very vigorous and loud thunderstorm! Pretty amazing. Dan managed to get pictures and I managed to find the ladies’ room, which was an adventure – and all back on the bus. Rain continued as we drove around the city. We were really impressed with the city – clean, neat, well organized and very modern in its viewpoints and planning. We drove along Orchard Road and saw all the high end stores to shop in. We were supposed to go to the arboretum/orchard garden, but it was still raining hard and the guide suggested we wouldn’t really see much and perhaps we would prefer a long stop at Raffles Hotel (we were scheduled to just drive by it). This met with overwhelming approval from the bus passengers. So we had a 45 minute stop to go to the Long Bar there and have a non alcoholic (for us) Singapore Sling – where the drink was invented! Of course we got pictures and had time to walk around the amazing historic hotel. Great fun. Final stop on the tour was Chinatown – and to a very colorful and interesting Hindu temple. Dan went in and took pictures. I didn’t want to take my shoes off, so stayed outside, still plenty to see. Overall, in spite of the rain, we really enjoyed our brief visit and would come back to Singapore and would come back if we had a chance. Back at the ship around 200 and no problem. – had to get our pictures taken again, and turn in our passports. Then to the buffet for a little lunch. Ship was buzzing with new passengers. We didn’t have to go to the safety drill again, just relaxed until time for dinner. We did get our requested table for four – other couple are a Chinese couple from Canada. They had really wanted a table for two, but were very nice to be stuck with us. Had pleasant dinner – prime rib and passionfruit soufflé. Back in room right after dinner. Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.


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