7 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Had a wonderful tour of Kuala Lumpur. Since we had changed to a half day tour, we were not expecting to see so much – but the guide really was fantastic – funny, full of information, and she really hustled every place we stopped to keep everyone on track. We had to walk a long way to get to the bus from our berth – and right next to us was a huge Costa ship. We ran into their people at a couple of stops. We are all very glad to be on Princess instead. Anyway, bus into the city took about 1 ¼ hours, with first stop ½ hour out of the city – local capital city to view the Blue Mosque – patterned after the one in Istanbul. Beautiful – tallest minarets in SE Asia. Then into the city to the National Museum. Spent 45 minutes. Some very interesting stuff on the British colonial period. Next stop was super interesting, though very hot as there was no shade. We went to the King’s Palace – huge complex with live guards at the gate – like at Buckingham Palace – one of them was on a horse – that we weren’t sure was real until it turned its head. Poor thin having to stand out there like that all day! There were also about 50 uniformed motorcycle policemen and 2 or 3 large limos in the parking area – they came racing up in a formation, then left, and then returned. The guide said they were rehearsing for the coronation of the new king, which will take place in four days! It was cool to watch. (Well, actually very hot). Next stop was the national monument – we got off the bus and walked through the park and gardens. Statue was done by the American artist who did our Iwo Jima flag raising statue at Arlington. Similar, but we actually liked this one better [because it wasn’t just victory, as some of the men were dead or dying as others raised the flag]. Three more brief photo op stops – Dan got off the bus, I didn’t – to see the National Mosque, old railway station, cricket field, and old British Colonial Administration buildings, the “Kuala Lumpur” where two rivers come together and where the name comes from. Finally the Petronas twin towers and skywalk. Back on the bus and 1 ¼ hours to the ship just before 230. We sailed around 600. We had some late lunch, then took a nap and decided to just do buffet around 700. We went over the pictures we both took today. It was pretty dead up there, although we had a nice conversation with two British ladies. Penang in the morning, then a stretch of sea days. I’m ready for some down time and I’m pretty sure Dan is too.


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