9 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

First of 3 sea days on our way to the Maldive Islands. And the start of my more sensible eating plan. I am not calling it a diet – just hoping to do some damage control. I am cutting out all breads, butter, pasta, and sweets – except one dessert at dinner. I drank lots of water today and did fine. Ate lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, green salad and roast chicken at lunch and teriyaki grilled cod with vegetables for dinner. Oh yeah – I will eat the two chocolates they left when they turned down the bed while we were at dinner. The interesting thing today was the Captain’s hour long “Pirate Briefing” at 1000. Dan didn’t go, he stayed at the bridge lesson, but they will be showing it several times tomorrow on the TV in our rooms, so he will be able to see it. It was excellent. The Captain is such a wonderful communicator, he made it funny and interesting, but at the same time he impressed on us the seriousness of it. From April 11-26 we will be in the piracy zone of the Indian Ocean – and it is their busiest time – between monsoon seasons. He told us what they have put in place for our protection and emphasized that the danger is extremely remote. No passenger ship has ever been successfully boarded and we will not be going to the “super hot zone” area near Somalia and the Suez Canal. Anyway, we are to have a Pirate Drill tomorrow and when the alarm sounds we are to go to our cabins, leave the door open and sit or stand near the door, away from the windows which will have the drapes closed. The door is open so the crew can account for everyone quickly and so we can hear instructions from the crew in the passageways. Serious, of course, but we were never worried, and now less so than ever. We are in good hands. Five tables of bridge today – we had a terrible game. I’m sure we were near the bottom, although we didn’t wait to see. I stopped at the library and found The Girl Who Played With Fire, so I am set for a while. I really enjoyed the first book. We decided to watch the 600 movie Cowboys and Aliens and then go to the Bistro for dinner. We didn’t feel like dressing formal. I think we will go back to the dining room tomorrow night. Dan has taken his computer back upstairs and I am going to read for a while. We get an extra hour sleep tonight, 2nd of 3 nights in a row.


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