10 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Another great sea day. It rained during the night, but day was mostly clear and not terribly hot. After breakfast – lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, and one slice of bacon – I went back to the cabin and sat our on our deck with my crossword puzzle book. It was nice and I visited with the lady in the next cabin who was doing the same. Dan came back and just as he came out on the balcony the Captain announced a huge school of dolphins – which we had also just spotted. There must have been 100 of them and they were arching and jumping and just having a great time. We watched them for about ten minutes and then it was time for our piracy drill. The ships general alarm sounded and the captain came on the PA to announce the code Sierra Papa [all emergency codes are Sierra, Papa is for pirates]. We closed the curtains, opened the door and I sat on the floor by the bed and Dan sat in the doorway on the vanity stool. It was really quite an adventure – people up and down the halls – some not doing it right because they hadn’t listened to the instructions. I think Dan took some pictures of the activity down the hall. We are clear at the bow of the ship, right under the bridge. Anyway, the whole exercise took less than half an hour. Then we went to the pool for a while. It wasn’t real crowded yet. Ship is going pretty fast, so water sloshing around a bit. Went to lunch early – about 1140 – and missed the huge rush that came right after 1200. Sat and drank coffee and visited with people until time for bridge at 200. We had 5 tables and we actually tied for first place. Big improvement from past few days. After bridge we got a little snack and then went back to the cabin so Dan could watch the replay of the Captain’s ‘Pirate Threat’ presentation, since he hadn’t seen it live. It was worth watching again. I really like this Captain. We decided to go to the dining room for dinner. Our tablemates and the waiter were surprised to see us. We said we will be there much of the time, but some times not. We were surprised to discover our bridge friends Colin and Meagan from Adelaide at the very next table. Dinner was good – had salmon, couscous and vanilla soufflé for dessert. We gain another hour tonight – 3rd night in a row – means we get sleepy real early and then wake up real early. But getting plenty of sleep anyway.


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