11 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today was the day we entered into the piracy zone and yet the talk around the ship this afternoon was all ab out something else. While we were playing bridge – about 300 pm – the Captain came on the PA to tell us that there had been an 8.6 earthquake off the Sumatera coast 20 minutes before. They were awaiting word whether a tsunami was headed for the Maldives – which we are scheduled to visit tomorrow. After the bridge, where we tied for second, we came back to watch the news The Captain had assured us that in the open ocean the ship is in no danger should there be a tsunami. As the day has worn on, it appears that there won’t be one – and since it is nearly bedtime, with no word otherwise, we are assuming all is well and it is a go to snorkel the Maldives beach tomorrow. Then during dinner the Captain came on the PA again and said there was a medical emergency and anyone with type O blood, positive or negative, with their donor card with them and willing to donate should please go down to the infirmary immediately. We have our cards and would be willing, but we both are A positive. Several people got up and left the dining room immediately. [Dan later learned that one of our bridge opponents was a donor] Anyway, quite a day for the Captain. We found out this morning that his tour is up and he is leaving the ship in Dubai. I’m sure he is ready for a break after nine months – but we are disappointed. Anyway, otherwise it was just a routine day at sea. Dan was up before 500 and went upstairs and I slept until around 630. We’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep the past 3 nights with time zone changes – our bodies haven’t caught up yet. Anyway, good bridge class – then a ‘second breakfast’ and then back to the cabin. Dan snoozed a little and I read out on the balcony. We went up and grabbed a little lunch around 130, then bridge, then a snack, then back to watch a little TV before going to dinner at 600. (I see a pattern there) Eat, sleep, eat, bridge, TV, eat, bridge, TV, read, eat, sleep. I could get used to this – except I would end up weighing 500 pounds. Actually, I have been doing better with my eating the past 3 days (A Day at a Time). We have met some very interesting people. Having a great time. Every day is an adventure. Stay tuned.


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