14 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Both of us slept pretty well last night. I’m glad Dan’s cough is finally getting better [with the help of prednisone, which he hates]. Our bridge class wasn’t until 1030 this morning, so neither of us had to rush at all. We did go up and had some breakfast and hung out for a while so our steward could do up our room, and Dan did two loads of laundry while we ate. Then we went to the library for a while – someone had told me they have a new Sudoku puzzle to hand out every day. I have already done all I brought with me. Bridge lesson was one from last leg of trip, so I sat in the back and worked the puzzle. We went down to have a little lunch after class, then went to our cabin and hung out until time for bridge game – filled out some paperwork for our entry into India tomorrow – also watched the presentation on Mumbai on the TV given by our port lecturer. Sounds lit it will be a big pain to get off the ship – the Indian Immigration officials will come on board and personally check each person and their Passport/Visa and stamp them and then give us some paperwork we have to carry with us while we are ashore.

We had a so-so day at bridge – came in 4th out of 6 tables [thanks to Dan making three significant errors]. After bridge, a quick snack and back to the cabin to change clothes to go to the Saturday evening Vigil Catholic Mass. Very good and thought provoking service. We really like this priest – Father Peter Conroy – he is retired from parish ministry, and is from Melbourne, Australia. After the service we put on bathing suits and went up and swam for a while, then sat in the hot tub and watched the sun set. It was a little windy, but water was wonderful – a little choppy/sloshy since we are clipping right along at over 17 knots. Back to the cabin and showered. Just went to the Bistro for dinner – didn’t feel like going to the dining room. We wrote out some postcards this afternoon so they can be mailed in Mumbai. We turn them in at the desk and they mail them at the next port and charge our room for the postage at the local rate [India is cheap, Malaysia cheaper, and Australia triple the Malaysia price]. Need to get to bed early tonight – have to get up at 500 and show up for immigration check at 700 – should be an interesting day tomorrow!


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