16 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Nice relaxing sea day. Woke up early. We are going west so we keep picking up time. We gain another hour tonight. I think then we will only be 10 hours ahead of home [instead of 17 in Australia]. Anyway, had breakfast and then went back to cabin for a while and met Dan at bridge class. I was just a few minutes late and instructor had actually decided to switch lessons because he wanted me to be there for the one he was going to do. He switched back quickly and I’m glad I didn’t miss it because it was very interesting. We will have to share some of it with our bridge friends. After lesson we went down to the promenade shops – they were having a $10 sale including some watches. The $10 watch Dan got at Walmart just before we left did not survive swimming in the ocean in the Maldives (even though it was supposed to). By having a cheap watch to use, he is able to leave his iPhone on the ship – since that’s the only thing we are using it for on this trip. Anyway, we went up at 1230 and had one of their specialty “Pub Lunches” – shrimp and/or fish and chips and English trifle. We shared our table with a fellow bridge player – a neat lady traveling alone who is a tour guide in the San Francisco area – she really is a kick – had a great lunch watched some container ships pass by – no sign of pirates. We are clipping along at 17 to 19 knots. Bridge today was great. We finally broke out of our slump and came in first of five tables by a large margin. There is some good competition on board, but today we finally proved we can actually win over this new group of players [have been second twice, but also several lower, including a bottom]. After the game we went down and had a snack and watched the Captain’s 2 year old son, Louie, run his mother and grandmother around the buffet deck. He is adorable. We looked at the menus and didn’t really see anything in the dining room that we wanted to dress up formal for (like lobster) so we ended up watching Entrapment in our cabin at 6 and didn’t go to dinner until almost 8. We enjoyed the movie – always love Sean Connery and it was set in the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Ate in the bistro – had an omelet and panna cotta. Will try to stay up until 10, which will be 9 in adjusted time.


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