17 April 2012, Gail’s trip log.

On the Arabian Sea, spent most of the day heading west with Pakistan far to our starboard (of course we couldn’t see any land) and then this evening I think Iran was out there. Tomorrow we will be in Oman and then on to Dubai. It seems strange to be in this area that is so often in the news. Anyway – another good night’s sleep, followed by a leisurely breakfast, chatting with some people. The ship seems strangely empty right now because nearly 100 of the 680 passengers are off on a side trip to the Taj Mahal. They will rejoin us in Oman tomorrow. Bridge class was good – Martin is covering material from a book that seems very useful – don’t remember the exact title – that involves a list of “Mel’s Rules” that are many little tips and tricks to help you decide when to bid in certain ways. I think Dan is going to order it so we will have it at home. Speaking of home, Dan had a long chatty email from Terry today – they are surviving without him, but think they will be glad to see him when we get home. After bridge lesson we sat on our balcony and read for an hour, then decided to go to the pool before lunch – again, it was nearly deserted and we had the pool and deck nearly to ourselves. Got a shower and went up and had some lunch about 100, then on to the library until game time. We had an OK day – a couple of miscues and came in 4th out of 5 in a very close game – oh well. Had a snack and I came back to cabin and watched the presentation on Oman in preparation for tomorrow. Princess does a great job of giving you lots of information and practical tips for every port we go to. It is really helpful, since we are in each place for such a short time. We decided to go to the Bistro again for dinner. The head waiter in there is leaving the ship in Dubai – his six month contract is up – he has two months off [with wife, two kids, and his cats, in Warsaw, Poland] and then has an assignment on the Golden Princess out of the US west coast to Alaska in the summer and then Hawai’I in the winter. He has been very cheerful the last few days! We may stay up to watch Slumdog Millionaire, but it doesn’t start until 9, so not sure we will. We are really moving, over 19 knots, so we are rocking and rolling.


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