21 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

First of our string of 6 sea days. It was great after 3 hectic days of tours. We both slept over 9 hours – we were rocked to sleep by the movement of the ship. When we are going 19-20 knots, there is a bit of a swell – which is sort of like being rocked to sleep. We are going absolutely due south for the next six days. We cross the equator again in 3 days and I think when we are pretty much our of the ‘pirate zone’ [it extends to 10 South, so will be at least one more day after that] although I am not the least bit worried. We went up and had breakfast, then I went to the library until time for bridge class. They have a Sudoku and also a word puzzle handout – new every day – so I always go up to get them – also, bridge class is right next door. Class today was on defensive leads – always good to learn more about. After class, I took my book and sat on our balcony and read for an hour and a half – finally finished it this afternoon. It was a Dick Francis mystery, always good, but now I can start on my other book – The Girl Who Played With Fire. We had a very bad day at bridge – were on the bottom of six tables. Lots of chattering and distractions during the game didn’t help. After bridge we came to our cabin for a while, then got dressed up in our ‘formal’ clothes and about 530 we went up to a special cocktail party we had been invited to. They had it where we play bridge – one of the specialty restaurants. We chatted over sushi with a couple from New Jersey. At six we went to the dining room for dinner. It was pretty full – many people tonight because they were having lobster. It was very good – served with a crab cake and fresh asparagus. Next time I am going to ask for two lobster tails. Saw a couple at next table who did that. Had citrus soufflé with warm vanilla sauce for dessert. Food in the dining room is really very good – just most of the time it isn’t worth the effort to go. We didn’t get to the pool today – just as well for Dan I think, maybe tomorrow. Watching The Beaver with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster –strange movie. To bed soon I think.


2 thoughts on “21 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

  1. Love keeping up with you. Every day I check the map to see where you are. Got the postcard with the Raffles Hotel – also loved the picture of you two at the bar with the Singapore Sling. Someday I’m gonna have one of those!

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