22 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Second sea day in this string. Very much like all the others. Slept well – woke to the sound of the ‘click’ of the door as Dan left to go up to the buffet for breakfast. That area is our unofficial hangout [big surprise, huh?]. Sort of reminds me of when I was in high school and would go to the cafeteria and listen to music and hang out with friends before class. [and I was same in college, living in the Student Union]. This morning was a little different. I joined Dan about 800 and had a small breakfast and visited with a few people. The Captain came by and people were asking him about our piracy status. Today and tomorrow are the days we are closest to Somalia – I think we are about 90 miles off the coast. He again assured everyone there is very little danger. In the Princess Patter, the daily newspaper we get at night, they also talked about the various military ships – US and otherwise – that are cruising the Indian Ocean right now – and listed about 30 of them. They even said we might see a reconnaissance airplane fly over. But all in all it is a huge ocean and we are not likely to see anything – except a container ship – over next few days. This being Sunday, they had a very fancy brunch in the dining room from 1030 to 200. We went about 1150 and had more than our share – it was very nice – ice sculptures and all – every kind of brunch food you can imagine. We visited for a while with a couple from Upland, CA. (We did have a lesson this morning, although it was shortened to prepare for the following magic show) I was so sure we did terrible that I left before the results were announced. Dan found me in the buffet hangout area a little while later to tell me we won – by half a match point. You just never know. We went back to our cabin and watched a replay of the 1st of 3 lectures by an onboard specialist [history professor emeritus from Furman University] about the life of Mohammed. It was very interesting. We had dinner in the Bistro and will be looking for a movie to watch pretty soon.


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