23 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

I slept over 10 hours last night – got up about 800 and went do find Dan in the buffet. He has not been sleeping well. The prednisone is making him pretty wired, but seems to be helping his cough again. Hopefully it will stay better this time. He can catch up on sleep later. I spent about two hours in the library after bridge class, working the daily Sudoku, and I found a Sue Grafton mystery I hadn’t read, so I checked it out. We really like the library – (of course we have both always liked libraries) it is usually quiet, overlooks the pool, has lots of comfy chairs, and deep colors and wood paneling. The ceiling is painted with flowers and birds, sort of like a solarium. I need to take some pictures of it. There are always 2 or 3 jigsaw puzzles in progress on a few small side tables. It is just a nice place to veg out for an hour or two. Dan had gone to lay down, although he didn’t sleep. About 100 we met in the buffet. They had one of their “theme lunches” today. They had a fantastic array of sushi, and cooks doing stirfry, and may other yummy things. I have been holding my own the last few days, but it is almost impossible to not eat more than you should. Anyway, bridge was at 215 as usual. We had six tables today. We felt we did pretty well. Found out later we were second by 1 ½ points. We’ll take it. We have made over two master points each so far on the cruise, I think. Every little bit helps. After bridge, a snack and then down to watch part two of the lectures on the life of Mohammed. Very interesting – I didn’t really know any of it before. Dinner at the Bistro and back to the cabin. Getting ready to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the 900 movie. It was partly set in Mumbai, and in Dubai, where Tom Cruise apparently climbs up the side of the Burj Khalifa [and he does]. Others have said it is worth watching. Hope Dan sleeps better tonight.


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