24 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today was the day we crossed the equator – for the second of three times on this ship. They always do a big silly ceremony with costumes and funny skits and so on. We watched it the first time, and it is on the video – so didn’t feel the need to watch again. But it did affect our day. Our bridge game was pushed out to 3 instead of 2 – and we have to be out of that room by r, so we weren’t able to play duplicate. We played a dozen hands of party bridge – which reminded me of why I don’t like party games. They had all the cards – I think we played 2 of the 12 – we kicked butt on defense and set them several times, but they had two late games that were cold – they beat us. Oh well – some tables didn’t even keep score, but the opponent wanted to, so they did. Anyway, Dan still isn’t sleeping well – so he was up and out pretty early. I went up about 700 and had some breakfast. Just before 800 I decided to give the laundry a shot and lo and behold there were two machines available. I ran back to the cabin and grabbed the bag and some quarters and got my 2 loads in just before 2 other folks walked in with their bags. Anyway, was glad to get that out of the way for next week or so. I was a few minutes late to bridge class but that was no big deal. Had lunch fairly early and then back to the cabin. I read for a couple hours and Dan took a nap before heading to the bridge game. After bridge we had a snack and visited with our friends, Colin and Meagan from Adelaide, Australia. They are so neat – wish we had them around us at home – great bridge players and very interesting to talk to. After that Dan wanted to go to the pool but I vetoed that idea for at least one more day. He is still hacking away – although I do think the prednisone is working – just hoping it doesn’t go downhill again after they run out after tomorrow. Had dinner in the Bistro – calamari, teriyaki cod with Chinese noodles, and strawberry shortcake. Now watching rerun of the 3rd lecture on the life of Mohammed. We are really enjoying it.


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