25 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today was ANZAC Day. This is the day the Australians and New Zealanders set aside to honor their war dead – I guess similar to Memorial Day or Veterans Day in the US. Although I believe ANZAC day is tied specifically to one particular battle in WWI. [The Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey against the Ottoman Empire and Germany] Anyway, they had a special memorial service this afternoon. Our Aussie friends were not at bridge this afternoon. They also had a special cake and cookie display in the buffet area to celebrate. Dan slept a little better last night, but was still up early as usual. Maybe now that he has taken his last prednisone today he will not be so wired. He does seem to be feeling better again. I had some breakfast, then went to the library and picked up my puzzles for the day. Worked on them until time for bridge lesson. After lesson we came back to the cabin to read and hang out for a couple of hours. We are now almost out of the ‘pirate hot zone’. I think the Captain said the security posted on the stern deck 24/7 will end at midnight tonight. This afternoon we watched an hour long interview of the Captain by the Cruise Director – it had taken place at 200 and was replayed later – it was very interesting. [Among other things he is an attorney with a Master’s in Maritime Law, and has practiced it as well] We will really miss him when he leaves us in Capetown. Bridge was so-so this afternoon. We were sitting next to a very chatty group and it was very distracting. [The director doesn’t do anything to keep a semblance of order.] We placed 3rd out of 5 tables. After bridge and after watching the captain on TV we finally got in the pool for the first time in a week. Sun was just setting and it was beautiful. There was quite a bit of sloshing in the pool – there is quite a bit of swell in the ocean. It is getting more pronounced by the hour – so we may have a ‘rocky’ night. We had a somewhat later dinner in the Bistro. We were surprised that it was so busy since it was later. Anyway, good dinner as usual. No interesting movie on tonight, so will just read and go to sleep. Tomorrow, one more sea day, then 2 days of tours in a row [Mauritius and Reunion].


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