26 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Interesting night. The sea was rocking and rolling to such an extent that the bathroom door slammed shut 3 times! I thought at one point I was going to end up on the floor. Dan had put the computer on the floor as a precaution when we went to bed. In spite of this, we both slept pretty well – best for Dan in a long while. Dan went up to the buffet first while I joined him about 800. I had some breakfast – cream of wheat and a bowl of fresh raspberries! They always have lots of fresh fruit, but this was the first time for raspberries – so I took advantage of it. Then I went to the library to get my daily puzzles – which I knocked out in about 20 minutes. Then I read my book until time for bridge class. Class was thought provoking, as usual, although only 6 or 7 people are hanging in and coming to all the classes. He isn’t a really great instructor, but he does have some good stuff to share. Next, we came back to the cabin and read for a couple of hours. Weather was a little squally, so no one was on deck or in the pool. I went up to the internet café [which, despite the name, is just a room with about ten computers in it] and logged on to the free Princess website and read over the details of our tours for the next two days. I had forgotten the details – both are full day tours. After 6 straight days of sea and nothing but water – we are ready for some more touring. After lunch we went up to bridge 10 minutes before time and there were already 5 full tables and it looked like we might not get to play – Martin won’t deal with ½ table movements. But there was this ditzy lady there who didn’t have a partner – so Martin finally got his roommate, Derek, who doesn’t usually play, to make a 4th. So we ended up with six tables. This lady is deaf – and she couldn’t find her hearing aid batteries (sounds like someone I once knew!) and she never knew what was going on or what was bid. [the problem is much worse than just hearing loss] And we had to play them twice, since when there is time he does a “revenge round”! Anyway – strange day – some good boards, some bad – we ended up in the middle. We went to dinner early – around 630 – and will crawl in bed with my book pretty soon and hopefully get to sleep early. We get to Mauritius at about 10 in the morning.


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