28 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

I woke about 600 (Dan was already up and out of the cabin) and watched the pilot boat from the balcony and the pilot coming aboard. We were just approaching the harbor of Reunion, an island that is still totally French – a overseas departement of France. My breakfast came at 630 (I do room service on port days) and I ate and watched them maneuver the ship alongside the dock and get it secure. Dan came back about 700 and got some US dollars to take to the purser’s desk to exchange for Euros. Most places will take US dollars, but prefer local currency. The ship was offering a good rate on exchange for Euros – and we will be in several more ports that use them – so he went ahead and got a bunch and put them in the cabin safe except for what we took with us today. Reunion is another volcanic island – although this one is still active. Most of the tours went to the volcano, but we decided not to – been there, done that, on Hawai’i. Anyway, tour was not quite as great as yesterday. Bus was twice as big (takes longer to get on and get off) and guide, though good, had very heavy French accent, which put us to sleep driving back down the mountain after lunch. But tour was good. We drove along the coast through St. Denis, the capital of the island, and then headed inland through an old collapsed caldera that they call a cirque. As we drove up the narrow winding road in this huge bus (hats off to the driver) we saw many waterfalls coming down the sides of the mountains (which top out at over 9,000 feet). One area was called Bride’s Veil and of course had a legend to go with it. We had an hour ‘shopping stop’ in a quaint mountain village called Hell Bourg, where we got some juice and French pastry and postcards. Then on to lunch at a place like a small chateau in the hills – where the lunch included rum punch and rose wine. We drank lots of water and a coffee. Food again was French/Creole, not quite as good as yesterday, but coconut pie for dessert was great – the French do know how to do pastries. Back on the bus we headed back down to the coast (many of us napping through the switchbacks) to the town of St. Andre to tour a vanilla plantation. Local operation, family owned, very interesting. We stopped in St. Denis for ½ hour at the botanical gardens. There was a wedding party taking pictures after the ceremony – we observed the kids are the same everywhere – chasing around and goofing off in their pretty clothes. Flower girls had actual fresh flowers sewn into a net like overskirt to their white dresses – really interesting. Anyway, back to the ship at 400. We sailed away at 600 right on time. Now 3 sea days to South Africa. I did manage a load of wash between 400 and 600, so now can just relax at sea.


One thought on “28 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

  1. Dan,
    A long time ago you asked for our address. Now I can/will finally give it to you.
    1007 Buschmann Rd. Paradise, CA 95969 (530) 228-5823. “Cousin Beverly” – -aka Holly.

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