29 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

Today is Sunday, but it doesn’t really feel like it. The priest left the ship in Dubai – and although a ship’s officer conducts an interdenominational service every Sunday, we have not gone to them. Ship rocked a bit last night, but we slept pretty well. I was a little sore this morning. I fell yesterday on our tour and scraped my leg a bit, but no big deal. Just glad we have three sea days to relax. I know when we get to the British Isles cruise we are going to have many back to back tour days. Gotta gear up for it. I have been eating too much the past few days, so today I was really strict with my food. I totally skipped breakfast and just had salad with shrimp for lunch, and a tangerine. For dinner I had three small appetizers and a fresh fruit plate for dessert. So I am hoping to feel less “bloated” by tomorrow. It is really hard to have unlimited amounts of good food around all day. Definitely going to get really serious when we get home. Anyway, I did a lot of reading in my book – really getting into it. We had bridge lessons as usual, then of course the bridge game this afternoon. We played North/South and of course all the cards were East/West. We thought we played pretty well, but ended up 3rd out of six tables.  Oh well.  After bridge, Dan went to the buffet [to check mail and work on pictures and music] and I went to the cabin to read. Then around 600 we put on our suits and went to the pool. It was empty yesterday – so all new water – was a bit chilly – not too bad. It is sea water. We watched the sunset and talked to some people in the hot tub. We have been chugging away in a southwest course ever since we left Reunion yesterday. We will pass the southern tip of Madagascar tomorrow morning about 600.  I will not be up to see it, but Dan might. He is still having trouble sleeping. [actually, when I go to bed early, I wake up early…8 hours is enough for me] We got another hour back last night, which doesn’t help. Now we are just 9 hours ahead of home. Dan went back upstairs with the computer. I will probably crash pretty soon. Another sea day tomorrow. 


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