30 April 2012, Gail’s trip log

I have forgotten to mention before a strange phenomenon that occurred when we were on Mauritius the other day. It was our first day on land after 6 days at sea. I had the strange feeling all day that the floor or walkway wherever we were was moving – bouncing around. It was very strange. I actually almost fell over once – I think people thought I had been drinking! I had heard that expression ‘getting your land legs’ before. Now I know what it means. Anyway, two days back on board and I most certainly have my sea legs again. Dan was up early and saw the very tip of Madagascar as we went by – about 20 miles away. The rest of the day we have been cruising at 16 or so knots toward South Africa. Usual activities today. I joined Dan in the buffet around 800 and had a sensible breakfast. Then went up to the library and picked up the daily puzzle to work on. Bridge class at 930, only a couple more days with this director. He is leaving in Capetown and we don’t know anything about the next one. The lesson today was on communication – and ways to cut the communication between declarer and dummy, or between defenders. Some good information in these lessons, but hard to remember when playing. Went back to the cabin for a while, then lunch – leg of lamb, salad, and sugar free mousse – and then on to the bridge play. We thought we played pretty well, but came in 3rd. Oh well. After bridge, Dan went for a snack and I waited in the cabin. At five, we went up to the pool and swam and watched the sunset and sat in the hot tub. We went to dinner fairly early. I had a salad and orange roughy and fresh fruit. So I was pretty good today. I am feeling less bloated. Tonight there is a theme party “Pirates” at 930 and at dinner all the waiters were wearing Hawaiian shirts. So when we went to dinner Dan wore and island shirt and I wore the muu muu that I threw in at the last minute. Dan is going to go up to the pirate party after a while – there is a dessert buffet and champagne waterfall at 1030. I am staying away from that! We get another hour back tonight so I will try to stay up until 1000.


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