1 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

The last sea day before we gear up for 2 days of tours, then another sea day before we get to Cape Town. We will be there for the better part of three days and have tours each day. The ship was rocking a bit last night, but we slept well anyway. Dan, as usual, got up earlier than I did and went upstairs. I joined him about 800 for a light breakfast and then went up to the library to grab the daily puzzles and then read. I have finally gotten into The Girl Who Played With Fire and am enjoying it. Although I have to switch to something lighter after 2 or so hours – it is so intense. Anyway, bridge lesson got cancelled, so we played Chicago style party bridge with this couple from our class for an hour. Then I ran up to the bingo game – I had not been to a game – they do it every day – but got a free ticket when we ordered a copy of the ship-produced DVD of this leg of the cruise. Of course I didn’t win, but it was something different to do. Went to the buffet about 1245 for a fairly sensible lunch, then up to bridge at 200. We thought we did fairly well, but I think we came in second. We didn’t stay around for our scores, there was a delay in working them out. We said never mind and went to the buffet for a snack and to write out over 20 postcards – we had not done any since Mumbai since they couldn’t be mailed from the islands. We took them to the Purser’s desk and they will be mailed tomorrow in Durban. We were thinking of getting in the pool, but it had turned very choppy and windy, so we didn’t. Good thing they had the pirate party and dessert buffet on deck last night! Dan went up and listened to the music and schmoozed and had some goodies and took some great pictures. We went to dinner pretty early – about 630 – not too many in the Bisro tonight – they were having surf and turf in the dining room. Anyway, Dan got a Xerox sized box from the front desk and we packed up a whole bunch of stuff we don’t need to drag around with us. He will try to get to a post office in Durban tomorrow and mail it home. Captain just came on PA and announced rough seas ahead – we have to get up at 530 so am going to bed.


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