4 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Cape Town tomorrow – today is last sea day on this leg of the cruise. Sea was pretty choppy all day. There was no one on deck most of the day because it was so windy. The temperature only got up to the mid-60s – it is definitely more “wintry” here than it was two weeks ago in Dubai – not surprising since we have been going pretty much due south. Dan even wore a sweatshirt to the Bistro for dinner (we decided not to dress up for the last formal night). And we will be most certainly wearing them on our tour tomorrow. We got up and had breakfast as usual. I went to library and worked on the daily puzzle until time for our bridge lesson – last one for this guy, who is leaving in Cape Town and we are getting a new one. Should be interesting. After bridge, we came back to the cabin. Then Dan got out the clippers and cut his hair and beard – for the first time in two months. Like usual, I helped him trim it up at the end, and I took ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. He definitely looks less shaggy. Funny though, the only person to notice the change was Garen, a regular waiter at dinner – none of our bridge friends. We fought the unusually heavy crowd in the buffet at 100 and had some lunch. Our final bridge game was at 200 – we had six tables. Many people leaving in Cape Town, but fortunately not our favorite couple from Adelaide. They had a birthday cake for one of the ladies and it was also sort of a good bye party. We didn’t do well – next to bottom – but are getting lots of good practice against very good players. Seas started getting very rough mid-afternoon as we are headed around the capes tonight. The Captain made an announcement about it around 700 – told us to put stuff on the floor and said the forward elevators have been taken out of service for safety reasons. We stumbled and staggered up to the Bistro for dinner and then back to our cabin. We are most certainly rocking and rolling. Will probably get in bed and read soon. Hope we don’t get thrown out of bed. Night visits to the loo become real adventures!


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