7 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Fantastic last day in Cape Town. The weather could not have been more gorgeous. I slept like a log last night. Not as sore and achy as I thought I would be. Got up and had breakfast and then took the box we wanted to mail home, along with 20 postcards that we had written out, and headed to the shuttle. The shuttle took us to the V&A portside complex. (That’s Victoria and Albert) It was only ten minutes away and was an incredible complex of facilities. There is a huge upscale mall, along with a movie theater complex, huge aquarium, craft market, boat launch area for sightseeing cruises, and so on. We hauled our box into the mall where there was a large post office. We had no problem getting it mailed since we now had Rands. It will take two months, but we have no problem with that since we won’t be home much before that anyway. Once we got rid of the 25 lb. box we wandered around the mall. I checked on getting my hair cut, but should have thought of it sooner. They had no appointments left before we leave. Oh well, I will just be shaggy a bit longer. I had some gelato and then we wandered into the craft area and I bought a little hand carved giraffe. We took the shuttle back to the ship. We had some lunch and then I went to take a nice hot shower and Dan worked on sorting and uploading pictures from Cape Town. We had to go back down by 330 and go through immigration as we leave South Africa. I sat on our balcony and watched a harbor seal as it played in the water right below or cabin – nice lazy afternoon. After the all aboard notices and the life boat drill (which we don’t have to do since already did it) the sailaway was announced. It was beautiful sailing out of Cape Town harbor and starting up the coast of West Africa. We went to the dining room for dinner – same dining companions as last leg. Had a great prime rib dinner and came back to the cabin and watched a show on African animals – not sure who produced it, but it was very good. Sea day tomorrow.


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