8 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Usual sea day, with one exception – awoke to the sound of the foghorns. Knew that Dan had gotten up early – turned out he left the cabin a little after 400. Of course we did get an hour back last night, but still early. Anyway – when I woke up about 630, I looked out and it was solid fog. We are going along the West Coast of Africa headed north. The foghorn quit about 800, but it never really cleared up. It was very foggy all day. We went out at 915 to meet our new bridge director and teacher, Ron Goldthorpe and his wife Barbara, from Toronto.  He is very different from Martin. He used Audrey Grant decks of cards in teaching the class and we actually had four tables playing during the lesson. It was nice to have some structure – someone who is actually going to direct! After the class we went by the laundry and found a free washer, so I guarded it while Dan went and got the laundry bag. It got pretty busy by the time we were done – so glad we got that out of the way. About 1230 we went and got some lunch. I worked my puzzles and Dan sorted pictures. A little before 200 we went to the bridge game. There were about two tables of returners and the rest new passengers. We had six full tables, and like I said, this guy is really directing. He brought out the bidding boxes (yeah!) and gave us score sheets and pencils and told us to call the director for any irregularities – what a concept! We played pretty well but had a few bad boards and ended up fourth. He posted the results in the library. After bridge we grabbed a little snack and went to hang out until time for dinner. We went to dinner a little before 700, after watching the port lecture talk on the TV in our cabin about our next two days stops – in Namibia. Never in my life did I ever think I would be going to Namibia – not to mention the four little African countries that come after it. Anyway, we have to clear customs with a face to face inspection before we can go ashore – that is always a pain. We have to be down there at 730. May be interesting. Fog horns started at dinner and are still going.



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