12 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

The weather is warming up again. I think we will cross the equator again tomorrow – or maybe the next day. We haven’t been in the pool since before Cape Town – so maybe will do that tomorrow. Today we had to fill out a form telling Princess what our plans are for disembarkation in Dover in 3 weeks. A reminder that we aren’t going to be on this ship forever. I am really beginning to miss Bobo and Dolly, so I think I will ge glad to get home in another 6 weeks or so. I slept in until about 730, then went up and ate a little breakfast and did my daily Sudoku. Only have one a day since I long ago did all the ones I brought and have not found another book anywhere. Then I took my book up to the library to read until time for bridge lesson. I hope to finish the book this week since I have another one to read before we get to Dover. Bridge class was good, as usual. We are really enjoying this new director. The class was on competitive bidding and takeout doubles. After bridge class I came back to read and Dan found a free washing machine so he threw in a load of laundry. For lunch I had a chef’s salad and some fresh papaya. Then to bridge at 200. We thought we did fairly well, but I was still shocked when we checked the results and found we came in first. We had a 62 percent game, one of our best ever. The lessons are helping, I think. After bridge we had a little snack, as usual, and then back to the cabin to watch the lecture about our next two stops – Benin and Togo. We had been chatting at tea break with Petra – the woman who does the port lectures in advance of each stop. She gave us some more tips on our upcoming stops. I went and got a new crossword puzzle book at the shop on deck 5 since I was running low. We went to dinner in the Bistro about 630 and had to wait a few minutes for a table. I had salad, grilled salmon, and fruit plate. Now to read until time for bed.



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