13 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Mothers Day.  They had a special brunch today in the dining room. I decided to avoid the crowds and the temptations so we just went to the buffet at lunch time. They had plenty – I had a salad and fresh fruit and a small sugar free muffin to celebrate Mothers Day. Got a nice email from my sister (actually a Facebook posting). I have been thinking about our mother this week. Thursday would have been her 92nd birthday – that was the day we were riding around the Namib Desert in Land Rovers. I’m sure she is up there somewhere shaking her head. Anyway, bridge class was good. The game this afternoon, not so good. We did not play as well as yesterday and could tell that. We are getting to know some of the new players. Some of them we like very much, but there are a few that are a pain. There is one guy who thinks he is such a great player and spends a long time contemplating his bids and his play. [I think he is praying, or else just thinks taking a long time gives an impression of expertise – it doesn’t] We were delighted yesterday when he was playing 6 hearts and we set him and got a high board! Today we ended up second from the bottom. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. We had decided we would eat in the dining room tonight, so we didn’t get in the pool after bridge. We went to the cabin and watched the talk about our stop in Ghana instead. We got dressed and went to dinner – had a nice visit with out dinner partners. Dan had prime rib and I had shrimp cocktail and leg of lamb and a sugar free passion fruit mousse cake for dessert. We are really getting spoiled. It will be back to hard boiled eggs and grapefruit soon enough. Although I have been pretty good these last 3 sea days. After dinner we came back to the cabin. Nothing worth watching on TV, so am going to read my book. Dan is headed upstairs with his computer to see if he can upload some pictures. 


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