19 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Second of three sea days. I think it is a Saturday, but have to look at the calendar to know for sure. The days all just flow along. We have two more weeks until we land in Dover. It seems strange to think about this cruise coming to an end. It seems like we’ve been doing this forever. But I’m starting to be ready to move on to London and a different, bigger ship. And of course I am starting to think about seeing everyone in Chicagoland and then being home with the dogs. Anyway, Dan woke up very early today at 430 and when I joined him around 730 for breakfast he was very frustrated. The internet had apparently been down since midnight and the internet guru doesn’t come on until eight. He had hoped to upload a bunch of pictures since he was up so early, but by the time it was up and running several hours later, it was slammed so no way he could upload pictures. Bridge class at 930 was good. We finish this unit tomorrow, then after the port day in Senegal, we will be starting something new. After class we came back to the cabin for a while to read and watch a nature show on TV. About 1230 we went and had some lunch – they had all sorts of seafood today – then studied some bridge stuff until time for the game at 200. Apparently our studying didn’t help because we ended up on the bottom of five tables. It was a very tight range and we knew of two specific bidding mistakes that if we hadn’t made we would have come in first. Oh well. After a snack we came back to the cabin and watched a very interesting presentation about Christopher Columbus and a port lecture about our next stop, Dakar, Senegal. We didn’t go up to the Bistro until about 730 for dinner and it was very busy and we had to wait until about 15 minutes for a table. Then they were very slow. We didn’t get back to the cabin until nearly 830. I’m going to do a couple of crossword puzzles and maybe play some Bridge Baron on my iPad – lord knows I need some practice.


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