22 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Not sure what time they finished refueling, but sometime during the night heard the thrusters going to push us away from the dock and then we were out to sea. After we got going, the ship was rocking and rolling pretty good all night. We had to close the bathroom door to keep it from slamming back and forth. We are, after all, going straight west in the Atlantic toward Cape Verde Islands, our next port. Only five more sea days after this one until Dover. Hard to believe. Our house/pet sitter, Kim, sent us pictures of Bobo and Dolly in their new summer trims – I think some people call it a teddy bear cut. They are sooooo cute, but said to Dan ‘they don’t look like my babies!’ Anyway, seeing them really made me a little homesick, but just a little. Today was a pretty good day. We started our new group of bridge lessons – learning more about various kinds of doubles. The ship was rocking and rolling pretty hard most of the day. There is water in the swimming pool now, but they had it blocked early in the day, as there was no way you could be very safe in it with giant waves sloshing around. We may not have another chance to swim – we are going north and already the weather is cooler. Maybe after our tour in Cape Verde tomorrow – since it is only half day. But I think it is supposed to be cool and windy. We’ll see. Anyway, we had some lunch and then to the bridge game at 200. We thought we did better today, and we did – came in 2nd – we’ll take it. After bridge we decided to go to dinner early tonight, about 530, when the Bistro first opens. Last two nights we have had to wait. Well, we didn’t have to wait for a table tonight, but they didn’t seem to have it together yet – so the service was slow. Oh well, it was good and we were still back in the cabin by around 700 after going up to the library to look at the bridge results, as mentioned above. We watched the hour long Senegal dance show that had been presented live last evening before we left Senegal. It was good, but lost something with a fixed camera – would have been better in person. Anyway, we got to see it. Now we are watching a nature show on the ocean. Princess does a great job of putting stuff on TV that is related to what you are experiencing on your cruise. Got to get up early tomorrow for tour of Cape Verde.


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