23 May 2012, Gail’s trip log

Woke up around 6 and looked out and we were just approaching the Sao Vicente harbor of the Cape Verde Islands. Jagged peaks stuck up out of the water and it was a bit cool and cloudy. I watched the pilot come aboard and then when I realized we were coming alongside starboard, I took my breakfast out on the balcony and watched the activity – always interesting. It is a beautiful harbor and though there were containers on the dock, our view of town was not obstructed by them. Lots of boats in the harbor. We took our heavy sweatshirts on the tour, but the weather improved, and the only time we had to put them on was at the top of the mountain. It was still cloudy on top and we were not able to see the stunning view of the harbor from there, but there was a vantage point halfway down that provided a vista of the harbor, our ship, and another one of the islands that was pretty spectacular. The journey to the top was an adventure. The road, one lane of cobblestones all the way to the top, was a twisty, turny shelf road that scared me to death. We were on city buses and one of them didn’t make it up the mountain. We passed that group of folks wandering around their disabled bus as we chugged up. We heard later that a second bus had been sent to help out, so they did get all of the tour. After the trip up and down the mountain we continued on the cobblestone road (only one short section all day was paved) to two small fishing villages on the other side of the island. Gorgeous aqua water, white sand blown in 400 miles from the Sahara, and breaking waves. We had a stop at a local establishment for some refreshment and a bathroom break. The local children were tickled to see the pictures of themselves taken by the bus passengers, and mugged outrageously. We headed back to town and had a quick tour of it before going back to the ship. Several people, including Dan, got off in town to look around and then walk or take the shuttle back to the ship. I had some lunch and then sat with my book on the balcony and watched people come and go below. I saw Dan come back about 200, although he didn’t make it back to the cabin for another hour. [I was having my late lunch] At 600 we watched the activity of casting off the lines, pushing away from the dock with the thrusters, and then slowly sailing away toward the Canary Islands. We really liked the Cape Verde Islands and enjoyed the day very much. We just had an early dinner in the buffet. We lose an hour each of the next two nights. Two sea days


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